The Illustrated Dream

Revati Locke in New Orleans, Loisiana is creating The Illustrated Dream. She explains, "In an experiment to get me started on a separate body of work, I am: recording my dreams, putting them through a process, illustrating them daily, and posting the results."...

Why did you decide to do this project? After ten years of playing "around" the idea of being a professional artist, by obtaining degrees and work in related fields like art therapy and interior/industrial design, I recently made the decision to go directly for it, head on.

However, at first, I had no idea what to lay down on paper. I had years of art supplies stored in boxes ready to go and a steady flow of energy, but I had no point of view, no reference, no focus. Searching for personal resources that would give me a direction to go in, I stumbled on the idea of simply, and diligently, illustrating my dreams. I recognized that, compared to my waking life, my dream life was completely unscathed by the passage of time or stress; it was rich, deep, and fresh - an inexhaustible revelation. So, illustrating my dreams seemed to be a perfect starting point.

It was also important to me that I share the process with others. I don't edit the paintings and I don't particularly "like" all of them. It's easy to see that my voice and style have yet to coalesce. But right now, it is all about inspiration and process and I think that is important to share. Sharing also helps keep me accountable.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Before my project was clearly defined, I came across a string of words that stated, "Motivation comes from doing." This clicked with me and I was able to see for myself that by simply "laying it down" I was creating paths to explore that had not been there before. I tend to be a critical perfectionist that enjoys the "gestation" period of a project; dreaming but never fully expressing. I'm learning, through this project, to trust myself and take a leap.

Obviously, these studio experiences affect other areas of my life. There's more energy in everything I do. I'm more aware of myself, of how I feel. I'm more interested in sharing my "real" self with others. I'm challenging a deep-seated belief that things like energy and opportunities are scarce and am having glimpses that they are really quiet abundant - and available. All in all, the challenges and triumphs that I experience in the studio are being experienced outside of it as well .. it's a wonderful feedback loop.

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Frances said...

You have some interesting dreams Revati.