Duck In Yellow

Katie Rustin in Richmond, Virginia is refashioning a thrift store dresses in her daily DIY project Duck In Yellow...

Why did you decide to do this project? My project is based on Marissa Lynch's New Dress a Day challenge. I love sewing and like her, had lost my job and wanted to try something new. I've always love fashion and recycling and wanted to see if the two could be combined.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? This project has absolutely changed my life. There are days when trying to come up with something new is next to impossible and yet, I push through and have discovered some amazing finds. Yesterday, for example, my friend asked if I wanted to go to dinner in an hour. I had an hour to find a piece of clothing to remake, decide what I wanted to do with it and then remake it. Everyone at the table couldn't believe that I had made my shirt and let alone, made it in an hour. I've discovered unbelievable joy and happiness from being able to be creative ever yday and getting to share with others my remakes. I love hearing that others have been inspired and that they are going to dust off their sewing machines and give sewing another try.

See all of Katie's dresses HERE.

Make and Let Go

Sarah Westeren in Columbia, South Carolina is releasing her work into the wild daily in Make and Let Go...

She explains, "For some time, I have wanted to start releasing my tatted butterflies (tatting is a form of knotted lace made with a shuttle or needle) into the wild in order to spread unexpected cheer. I spent the first month or so making butterflies, so that I would not run out faster than I could make them. Over the next year I will release at least 365, leaving them behind for friends or strangers to find. Each butterfly can be worn as a pin or necklace, and comes attached to a sheet that describes what tatting is, that the butterfly is a piece of free artwork to keep or give away as desired, and a link to my blog should the lucky finder wish to tell me what they decided to do with the butterfly (contact is entirely optional - I will be happy with mystery, as well)."

Why did you decide to do this project? So many people I love are in crisis - pain, illness, stress, loneliness. Sometimes all it takes is one smile, one moment of cheer, to help make someone's day better. I consider my butterflies a tiny gift with no strings attached (pun intended!). It's a way for me to say, "You are a unique and irreplaceable being, and deserve happiness and joy."

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I enjoy having a reason to pick up my tatting every day! After only a week, I already find myself examining my surroundings with a different eye, looking for a grey area (or a beautiful one) where I could sneakily place a butterfly. My photography skills are mediocre, and I hope to see those improve through the year as well. The blog will feature photos of the releases to start, and hopefully expand to some book reviews and projects for readers.

Follow Sarah's progress HERE