Foreground/Background podcast episode 19: Talking with Freehand Profit about NFTs


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In this episode I interview Freehand Profit. Freehand is an LA based multi-disciplined artist who’s infamous for destroying coveted sneakers to make unique masks - a body of work stemming from a year long, daily project called MASK365 (inspired by own Skull-A-Day project!) Since 2010 he has made more than 200 one of a kind sneaker masks, working with brands like Nike, adidas, Puma, Cadillac, Converse and more. Freehand was also my very first podcast interviewee and I’m excited to have him back for the 2nd time to specifically talk about the world of NFTs.

In this hour long conversation we discuss:

  • Navigating Non-fungible tokens as an artist
  • The pros and cons of this new digital space
  • and more!

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