Celeb A Day

My friend Nate "Igor" Smith in Brooklyn, NY is posting a Celeb A Day He explains, " I have photographed so many celebrities in my job as an event and nightlife photographer. I am not a paparazzi and I don't really intentionally shoot any celebrity stuff but I decided one day to make a list of all of the famous people I have photographed and the count was over 300 so I decided to try to post one a day for a year."

Why did you decide to do this project? I though it would be a fun way to show off my celebrity work and possibly gain some new fans of my photography on Tumblr.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I guess since I am not exactly creating new things (although I have shot a bunch of new celebs since I started) it hasn't changed my life in any real way, however it has managed to completely stress me out. I have also not really gained any sort of following for the site so the whole thing has been pretty disappointing. That being said it is a great exercise in persistence and discipline and I am very determined to see it through to the end. It's because of this that I rarely do auto posts and I try to take the time to update it every single day.

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Painting a Vulcan Picture

Jennie Bukowski in Annapolis, Maryland is spending a year Painting a Vulcan Picture (the title of which is inspired by the song Paint a Vulgar Picture by the Smiths) She explains, "For the span of a year I am creating original characters and well known tv and film characters, in ink and color. Most will feature a single illustrated character where others might also feature a background, props, or various characters in one adorable package!"

Why did you decide to do this project? I wanted to do this to really stick to illustrating and also to improve my skill and imagination. Hopefully over the year I can not only broaden my portfolio and sketchbook but I can also expose my awesome illustrations to people who love them as much as I do. By doing at least one a day it can help me keep myself doing this for much longer in a year and maybe even make a successful living at it.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Even though I haven't been at it too long, I've realized not only an improvement in my drawing skills and techniques but also in the characters and situations appearing. It has really widened my creativity, not only in illustrating but also other aspects of my life such as my writing. It has really kept me grounded and on track to being consistent at something. Through doing these illustrations I've also found alot of great and new illustrators that have really neat and original styles and techniques, so I've learned alot from them and this experience and project.

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365 Days of Anime

Leah Hotchkiss in Marengo, Illinois is creating 365 Days of Anime...

Why did you decide to do this project? I went to a workshop where the teacher introduced me to the 365 creativity journal.  I finally got a copy for Christmas, and attempted to do a unicorn a day.  When that fizzled out after less than a month, I realized that the things I love to create most have to do with anime, so I started again.  Really, I just wanted something fun to do and bring a little direction into my otherwise mundane life.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I've seen a remarkable increase in my drawing abilities!  I've also had the chance to try a bunch of new things and create cosplay accessories that I always put off.  I've also improved with using digital tools for drawings, which is a skill I've always wanted to work on.  I've also been having a lot more fun than I usually do, because I'm always looking forward to what I'll work on next.  Once I finish the year, I might continue for who knows how long!

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365 Hand Project

Kim Knapp in Houston Texas is doing a 365 Hand Project...

Why did I decide to do this project? A friend shared your book and website with me. I explored the website, read the book and enjoyed doing several of the exercises. For 5 months I mulled it over.....could I carve out time in my day for 365 days to commit to being creative? I am an Entrepreneur, busy running a home based business. I find my self in a rut and doing the same thing, day in and day out. I'm a runner and keep a rigid schedule for training and working out. I don't have the time for one more thing. I find too, I'm getting way to serious! At 53 I realized I needed to get back to basics and this project was just what I needed to tap into my creativity, let my hair down and have fun! On May 5th I woke up and decided to begin my project. So far I have proven to my self that you make time for things that are important to you. I made this project a priority. So far I have had no problem finding the time to do it :)  I think making the commitment was the hardest decision. I will honor my word to myself and see this through 365 days. 

How has doing this yearlong/daily project affected my life? It has added an element of fun and adventure to each day. It's taken me on "field trips"... out from behind my desk. I am only a month into the project and already have had a few wild adventures! I created Mr and Mrs Inkspot. Pinkie and Pointer. I took the photo, enlarged it, mounted to display board and take them with me on trips. Most recently attracted attention at a red light in the hill country of Texas for a photo with the Inkspot family. (Hand #25) It was fun to see the smiles on peoples faces.

I seek my husbands assistance from time to time. He is a good sport and enjoys helping me. I dressed up his hand (Hand #14) and we played for about an hour. We laughed and laughed. We made a memory for sure and the photos were wonderful! I smile every time I look at them. I look forward to other "hand" projects with my husbands involvement. It has added another positive dimension to our relationship. 

I look forward to each day with anticipation because of this project. What is the world presenting to me to explore?  I think faster on my feet and make more decisive business decisions. This project is keeping me on my toes and I'm more effective and intentional not only in my business life but my personal life too. 

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