New In LOU

Meena Khalili is creating a year-long daily drawing series inspired by her first year in Louisville, Kentucky called New In LOU... 

Why did you decide to do this project? I'm new here.
In the last three years I've moved four times across three states. As a travelogue illustrator and designer-of-things, the best way for me to get to know a new place is to draw it. New in LOU is a year-long drawing series inspired by my first year living in Louisville, Kentucky.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? 

I’ve discovered my new home: Did you know Louisville celebrates its weirdness? This city is rich with personality around every turn. I’ve lived in DC, Virginia, and Nashville, Tennessee. I came to Louisville for work without knowing much more about the city than the Kentucky Derby.

I’ve become more dexterous and resolute: The ritual of drawing every day has strengthened my visual skills in myriad ways and made me more decisive about my content. I work full time as a professor of design and run my own practice, so there is simply no time to “hem and haw” over position, content, and layout. The drawing must get done, but it should also be interesting, so if I’ve done the job right, you may even be captivated for a minute.

I’ve become more observant: As much as I can, I try to adventure to places I’ve not discovered in my new city. But some days it’s the same old routine, and those are the days that are hardest. I try to be more observant of the things I may have passed over the day before. I see the mundane things (my shoes, flowers, old cars, shotgun homes) and they become an object fascination, even sparking their own micro-series’ within the greater New In LOU series.

See all of Meena's creations on Instagram and archived on her site HERE

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