Foreground/Background podcast episode 18: Michael-Birch Pierce


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In this episode I interview Michael-Birch Pierce. Michael-Birch is a fiber artist and fashion designer who has interned for Diane von Furstenberg, embroidered Christmas decorations for the Obama White House, and designed an exclusive collection for Levi’s. They have performed their embroidered portraits at Oscar and Super Bowl events, Design/Miami, and SXSW, and worked with clients such as Visa, Target, Amazon, Delta, NBCUniversal, and Airbnb. And they have exhibited in numerous galleries and museums both domestically and abroad. 


In this hour long conversation we discuss:

  • Surviving as an artist during a pandemic
  • Collaborating with corporations
  • Dealing with scam inquiries
  • and more!

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I recently spoke with Richard Radstone for an episode of his Sidewalk Ghosts podcast. You can listen here below, on the website, on Spotify, or anywhere you get your podcasts. 

Based on life found experiences and interviews of diverse strangers, Richard’s short stories and observations entertain as they share ideas for appreciating the worth of yourself and others. Real-life stories and openhearted dialogues that can enhance your consideration of just how far your individual influence can reach.

I originally met Richard many years ago while he was doing a daily project about interviewing strangers! To read about 365 Strangers/365 Days, click HERE.

Making Art for 365 Days

Eric Rhemrev of Louisville, Kentucky created daily art based from the prompts in the Daily Creative Journal as well as suggestions and ideas from other people.

Why did you decide to do this project? The simplest answer would be to prove to myself that I could do it. The long answer is that I was depressed, only I didn't realize it. I thought being depressed meant feeling sad, but I didn't feel sad, I felt stuck. 

Thankfully I came to the realization that if I wanted things to change, I would need to change the way I approach things. And one of the things I wanted to change was my lack of follow through, and what better way to test myself than a yearlong project.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Doing a yearlong daily project has affected my life in many different ways. From getting my creative juices flowing to giving me the confidence to call myself an artist. 

I have gone back and finished a few projects that have been long abandoned as well as completed new ones.
 It has helped build discipline when it comes to everyday things such as making my bed and keeping my home organized. This project really has changed my life.  

To see more of Eric's art, follow @arikmakesart on Instagram!