Little Idea Shop

The number of days in a daily project (30, 100, 365, etc.) is just meant as a motivator. Actually achieving that goal is wonderful, but what's more important is what you gain from the process. The story below is a great example. Erin set out to write down 300 ideas in 300 days and then discovered something she really wanted to do in the midst of her daily project, so she put it on hold to pursue her passion, what better result could you ask for?!

Erin K. Barnes in Denver, created the Little Idea Shop...

Why did you decide to do this project?  As a writer and mother of two, I was brimming with ideas for inventions, startups, and just concepts that we don't talk about enough. I had all of these ideas, but didn't know which to pursue. 

In the end, ideas are just small steps toward the world we want to live in. So instead of pursuing putting one of my ideas in practice, I decided to try to jot down one idea per day and share with the world.

Then one day, I stumbled across an idea that I didn't want to share. And in fact, it was the first time that I said to myself, "This is the idea that would be best executed by no one in the world except me. I am the person to do this."

How has doing a daily project affected your life? Well, it led to me conceptualizing my newest idea: a bedtime novel for adults. Many of my ideas are worked into the novel. It allowed me to put all of my ideas in one place, and those ideas took shape, unbeknownst to me, in my psyche. They all came pouring out into a novel. It's in the workshopping stage right now, and I hope to release it in the coming months. I couldn't be happier. 

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