365 Inspiration: Robot a Day

What I love about 365 projects is that they can be adjusted as you go. While Erin Wilk originally set out to make a robot a day for a year a few things got in the way of that plan (not the least of which was having a baby!) so instead the project shifted to once-a-week and then once-a-whenever! Now she's even doing a challenge with another artist where they both work on a similar theme. The important part is she's continuing to create amazing pieces when she can and by keeping track numerically she'll still make her way to robot #365 eventually...

See all of Erin's amazing work at Robot a Day

Look for an exclusive interview with Erin in my new book 365: A Daily Creativity Journal which is being released on December 15th, but can be pre-ordered now at your favorite local independent bookstore  and at all major online book retailers.

p.s. Erin is not the only daily robot maker out there, so expect to see more on this topic soon!

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