365 Daily Creative Duel

Deb Trevan & Manny Sena in Montrose, Colorado are having a  365 Daily Creative Duel!  

They explain, "We tweaked the 365 book by putting all the prompts into a bucket. We take turns drawing from the bucket and Doing the prompt. We each picked an image for the year and daily we send each other pictures first. Then I post them to my Facebook page or once a week to my blog."

Why did you decide to do this project? I ordered the book for the daily creative prompt vs all the journaling ones that I participate in. One day he was looking at it and I tossed the idea to him about doing it with me and he was interested but we have different schedules and jobs etc. I put all the prompts from the book onto cards into the bucket with one exception.  I did trade the dream one for a trade images for the day. He balked at the thought of some "weird" dreaming thing....which made me laugh but gave me a chance to get a trade in. He hates reading I have read it so I think I have an advantage with some pondering of prompts before they come up. But, he is a very clever art mind and will make it a challenge no doubt.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? We have this creative competition going and creative union as well as different interpretations to the prompt. Its been fun. Of course we are only on day two as of October 2nd but its been good. We are both looking forward to the year of stuff we come up with. It has added a level of creativity and fun to our relationship.

I plan on the Unstuck book as well and if there are prompts in there I will probably get cards and toss them on and into the bucket. I bet he doesn't catch the more than a year part.

Follow the duel HERE.

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