365 Spoons

Sonya Penn in Louisville, Kentucky is making 365 Spoons in 2015. She explains, "I recently started experimenting with making different spoons with clay. They are intriguing in that they are very personal items that have the ability to bring art into every day life. Spoons are probably the first utensil used by babies and will be used throughout their entire lives. My idea is this: Create one spoon a day for the entire year of 2015. 365 spoons is A LOT of spoons!"

Why did I decide to do this project? I wanted to come up with a daily practice in creativity that had the capacity to hold my interest for the entire year. I also was launching a new website and I wanted some daily content that I could feel good and confident about. I had been making clay spoons here and there and found them to be interesting and versatile. The possibilities are endless! I find myself actually having to hold back and not make a bunch of spoons all in one day. At night I go to sleep thinking about what the next day's spoon will be.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I have only just started the project and I am nine days in. I know there will be days that I really won't want to make a spoon. I have already had to force myself to make one at least one time. I let it get late and was tired, but I overcame the human tendency to procrastinate. I expect to find discipline and I expect to be able to explore many possibilities with styles and creativity.

See all of Sonya's spoons HERE

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Sarah said...

What gorgeous spoons!

I have placed a link to your main blog page on my own new blog, as I find such inspiration from these daily creative projects. My blog is makeandletgo.blogspot.com. Thanks!