Diana's Writing Challenge

Diana Joiner who is "floating between Baltimore, MD and Ocean City, MD" is creating a Writing Challenge inspired by my book
She explains, "A friend of mine sent me your book all the way from Vienna to remind me to continue working on my craft. I was amazed by the different projects and artwork that resulted from your 365 challenge, but I’m no artist. I’m actually god awful at art; I’m way better with words. So, instead, I decided to start a fictional story and build on it with each challenge, incorporating the task into the next plot development. Some tasks I use in a different context to flow with the story, but I’ve loved seeing what I’ve come up with so far. I’ve got a historical cult-conspiracy on my hands; who knew that would happen?!"
Why did you decide to do this project? I decided to do this project to challenge my creativity and myself through writing. I’m going through that awkward, mid-twenties where-is-my-place-in-this-world phase in my life and needed something to “lose” myself in that was a fun, but applicable, release from all the stress. Plus, it was time for me to write a new badass story. I was overdue for that.
How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It’s given me a whole new sense of confidence and imagination. I’m taking my writing to the next level, staying open-minded, flexible, and inventive in what I come up with. The fact that I’m also posting my story little by little on my website for people to see my progress has been scary, but also encouraging. I wasn’t expecting people to be so invested and curious to know what happens next, so their engagement has been my virtual cheerleader urging me to keep going. Plus, it's holding me seriously accountable, which is like an additional challenge in itself.
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