365 Bikes

Brian Gibbs  in Lydney, UK is making 365 Bikes!

Why do this project? I took part in your workshop in New York and enjoyed the experience so much. I wondered how I might be able to make use of my re-discovered creativity to improve my work and home life. I discussed the workshop with friends and showed them my 30 horses that I’d created in 30 minutes – they encouraged me with great feedback, which inspired me further. I made the decision to start the project when I realized that I might be able to inspire some engineer colleagues to be more innovative and free-thinking if I showed them what I was doing and it’s worked – some of my colleagues have launched ‘Idea of the Week’ – suggestions for new products that we share amongst ourselves and even with potential customers.

How has the project affected my life? First, the amount of interest, encouragement and genuine enthusiasm I’ve experienced in feedback from others has been truly amazing and invigorating. Friends & colleagues who I’ve told about the project have given me new ideas, prompted me when my bike is an hour or 2 late, and been keen to tell others about my project…this is a new experience for me and is immensely rewarding.

I’ve discovered the delights of Instagram and have a growing band of followers, many of whom give me daily encouragement and feedback.

The project has improved my confidence. It still amazes me that people are so interested in my distinctly average art, but they really are and it’s thrilling to have so much support. One or 2 people have even offered to buy pictures from me!

Word of my project has spread amongst colleagues and I’ve been asked about it numerous times. Each time, when I tell them about the workshop, your own story of 365 skulls, and why I’m doing this project, the reaction is brilliant and I usually get another follower (although some are scared of Instagram).

The best thing is that I’ve inspired others to start their own projects. On day 5, I made ‘People Bike’ with 85 colleagues and several of them started their own projects the same day. I’ve even had friends, family and kids creating bikes.

The whole experience has been uplifting and massively rewarding – and it’s only Day 24!

Follow Brian's progress on Instagram at @365Bikes.

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