Leap Year

Tim Bourne in London UK is documenting a red subject every day for a year in his Leap Year project...

Why did you decide to do this project? I had heard of (and purchased the book) 365: A daily Creativity Journal and also found out from another arts practitioner/lecturer – Nick Pearson – about the "tradition" and that he himself had done something similar some years ago.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? As an adjunct to the daily photograph I have included other events which have enriched my life – when I look at the video/photos I'm surprised how they bring back a story from each picture.

Sometimes I have felt "oh there's nothing today" and then a great opportunity has appeared in front of me. This example is a favourite at present.

I have had strong encouragement particularly from John Bradford who has told me how it has made him observe things more and helped inspire him to blog on "Creativity".

Others I have shown the project to have been enthused and suggested images. I am planning to document the project and create some written pieces about "red".

This project will also include a projected show in a local Pop Up Shop (first event August 1st to 14th) and more interaction with the public via BEAT (a local West London arts initiative) project in September. The project will end in November with another period in the Pop up shop.

See all of Tim's red findings HERE

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