My Shack

Sheri Ogburn in Richmond, Virginia is creating daily in her My Shack project... 

Why did you decide to do this project?
Choosing to do a Shack every day was a personal choice for me. A shack is representative of a persons heart & soul. Shacks are a place where one dwells. And shacks, like people, aren't always in the best shape and in need of lots of tender loving care. By making a shack everyday I am able to reflect on the needs of those around me yet not neglecting my own.

I'm newer to the art world after raising a family for the past 30+ years! I knew I needed to do art as its something I've always wanted to do since I was a little girl. I typically paint from photos and realized that is not the type of artist I desire to be!!! So I set out on a journey to discover who I am as an artist. My motto has been Ask, Seek, Knock which led me to meet Noah, the author of rediscovering creativity (and Make 365 and Creative Sprint)., Noah, in my opinion, is waking up creativity in everyone around the world. Not knowing what I was fully getting myself into I just had to jump on board!! No regrets! 

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I am just 68 days into the project of making Shacks every day. The first notable effect was happiness!!! I realized I could spend hours on this and happy was my countenance! The second notable effect was the realization that when your time and resources are limited your creativity is really pushed and awesome things happen!! Like good unexpected art ideas! The third effect is learning to let go of the perfectionism ruler, myself, and embracing the mistakes. Putting the art out there in the world for all to see even though my head screams its not the "best" of my ability. The fourth most surprising effect was I began to really identify and feel for people who actually live in shacks in the real world and also for the homeless. I wasn't anticipating that kind of connection. And it gives me a curiosity as to how much it will change me as a person once the 365 days has been completed. Stay tuned!!

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