Foreground/Background podcast episode 6: Joe Seipel

The latest episode of my Foreground/Background podcast, about the day to day aspects of making a living as an artist, is out now! Take a listen below and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify to get every episode when it comes out.

Joe Seipel is a sculptor and conceptual artist who served as a Virginia Commonwealth University faculty member for over 40 years, including 17 years as chair of the sculpture department, 8 ½ years as the Senior Associate Dean of the School of the Arts. And in 2018 even returned from retirement to spend a year as the interim director of VCU’s Institute for Contemporary Art (not to mention a two year stint as vice president at Savannah College of Art and Design). Now a professor emeritus, Joe has returned to a studio art practice. His work is monumental in scale and ranges from conceptually-based objects to multimedia pieces and robotics. His work has been shown internationally including exhibitions in New York City, Peru, Milan, Baltimore, and of course Richmond, Virginia.

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