Foreground/Background podcast episode 16: Jesse Smith

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In this episode I interview Jesse SmithJesse is an internationally known artist whose goal has always been to translate his skewed perspective of the world onto paper, canvas, concrete or skin. He has been published in almost every tattoo magazine, has won a ton of awards for his unique use of color and even found his way onto the reality TV show Ink Master. He currently works in Richmond, Virginia where he runs his own studio called Loose Screw Tattoo. 

In this hour long conversation we discuss:
  • Running a creative business
  • Collaboration
  • Tattoo art
  • Reality TV
  • and more

This interview was recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic so be sure to listen through our entire conversation to hear a follow-up with Jesse about the many things that happened to him since we talked earlier in the year (including multiple rounds of quarantine AND the birth of his first child!)...

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