365 Strangers/365 Days

Richard Radstone who says he hails from "London, then Las Vegas to Los Angeles and now 'Everywhere I can Travel with 365'" is documenting 365 Strangers/365 Days.

He explains, "The goal, every day for the next year, approach one stranger, photograph them and promptly blog the experience. Rain or shine, hot or cold, healthy or ill, no days missed. I'll do my best to create interesting photos, and for the sake of entertainment, work to get myself into a sticky situation from time to time. It's a huge commitment. I'm sure there will be some hero photographs and some not so magnificent ones. Let's see what happens!"

Why did you decide to do this project? September 9, 2011, sitting at thirty thousand feet, or there about, courtesy of US Airways flight 711 - Philly to LA. Sort of a patriotic and emotional day with it being so close to the 10 year anniversary of 911, a subtext that forces me to truly look at life's priorities and my regard for the world around me.

There is something about flying that is meditative. And surely being crammed into a plane is powerful motivation to understanding fellow man. Sitting across the isle is the smelly sock traveler (sans shoes). I force myself to think beyond the nasal discomfort, and digging deep into my compassion, choose to examine the humanity of the situation.

With eyes watering and mind clear, I realize it's time for me to procrastinate no longer in announcing a grand blog commitment; one that I've been waiting for the right time to launch. Now with the clarity of a man under the influence of smelling salt, I proudly introduce: 365 strangers in 365 days.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? To start, lets get the obvious negatives out of the way, and there are basically two: Lack of sleep and time away from family (luckily my wife and daughter are in strong support of me).

But the positives are endless.

I will be forever changed in the depth of my relationship with the world community. This thing is growing so fast and is exponentially becoming more than just the experiences I'm having with the people I meet, interview and photograph. It is becoming a personal mission and a global movement. One that I cannot stop. It drives me every day to reach out and greet the world. And you know what? The world wants to share. It's awesome!

Not only have I learned more about my fellow humans, I've received comments from all over the globe. It's kind of like traveling without the jet lag, although sleep deprivation has quietly taken it's place. No worries, It's all worth it."

By the way, I call all involved in 365, friends. No matter if an interviewee or follower, there truly is a certain kinship I continually sense. If you become a fan, you'll see what I mean.

Thank you 365, my life will never be the same.

See all of the strangers that Richard has met HERE.


Tina said...

Richard's blog is what inspired me to take the 365 challenge this year. I will be focusing on Veterans. My plan is to meet a veteran a day in 2012, photograph them and share their stories at http://365vets.wordpress.com/

I have my first few interviews set up and I am very excited to get started. I do not have near the talent that Richard has, but will do my best to honor these heroes and their stories.

Noah said...

Tina your project sounds great! Please send me the details once it's up and running. You can find a few questions to answer HERE.