I Doodle on Newspapers

Ankita Shinde in Mumbai, India is spending year on the project I doodle on newspapers...

Why? I like doodling. Don’t like to read the newspapers. That’s why. This blog is an attempt to make me hold the newspaper in my hand everyday to doodle somewhere on it. And read a news or two while I’m at it. Here, I post my everyday doodles on the newspapers.

This is an art experiment. How art can help developing a certain habit. It started as a fun thing and now when I see, I have a lot of fun quirky portraits of people with me, doodled on the newspapers. And I now know a little more of what's happening in the world around me. I had a lot of fun doing this and the project still continues..
Hope you all enjoy!

Why did I decide to do this project? I realised that how much ever I try to cope up with current news, I would fail. I would make a point to hold the newspaper in my hand everyday, do it for a couple of days and then forget. I had even subcribed to news apps in my phone, but didn't help. I thought it was high time I must do something about this and this idea struck.

How has this project affected me? I am surprised how I am so excited every morning to go and grab the newspaper before anyone, to search people's face and decide who is going to get doodled today! :D Although my excitement is purely for doodling, but in the process I happen to read a news or two. And I am so glad that I finally managed to trick myself into reading news daily :)

See all of Ankita's doodles HERE.


Michelle Melchiorre said...

I love Ankita Shinde's "I doodle on newspaper"! The images created by the artist resemble the subject you are viewing in the newspaper article, HOWEVER (& this is where their artistic signature shows), the images created are simplistic, but not "simple"....what I'm trying to say is that the subject is simplified & recreated w/beautiful lines, shapes,& color schemes that are truly created by someone I feel has amazing talent! The artists interpretation of what they're viewing is expressed in a beautiful, eye catching manner! Thank you for your inspiration!
-michelle m.

Ankita Shinde said...

Hey thanks, Michelle!
I'm glad you like my project :)