The Year of The Written Word Follow-Up

Beth finished her 365 project ...the year of the written word... in December of 2011...

What are the biggest lessons/skills you learned from doing your project? I don't think the lesson came until a couple weeks after completing the 365. I was trying to figure out why I did it & what I would do next... It was amazing to have completed a project like that- to survive the hiccups as well as the unavoidable frustrations of that year. It didn't seem like the best work & I wasn't sure what project to throw myself into. I started a few other 365 projects but they all sort of fizzled. Things then started shifting. I found some words of wisdom in a paper, "Don't worry about making things perfect. Every project is a prototype for the next project." The next projects came.

In what ways did the project change your life? My 365 journey was life changing. It jump-started my creativity and made my art a priority again. I realized that if it was important to me, I needed to make room in my schedule to just DO something whether I was sharing it with the world, a few close friends, or keeping it to myself on a regular basis. The creative community that developed in 2011 was Absolutely Amazing. I can't stress how brilliant our group was... I miss my 365 family some days & would love to see where they are all now & what projects they are up to as well after being a few more years down the road!

Now what? Since completing my 365, I have had a photography exhibit in Williamsburg, Va at the Linda Matney Gallery. Currently, Amy Whitehurst (of "Snow Globe 365") and I have a selection of photographs being shown through the VCUHS Arts in Healthcare program in Richmond, Va. This collaboration of snapshots were taken in August 2013 on the VCU Institute for Women’s Health service-exchange program with the Highland Support Project in Richmond /the Association of Highland Women to Guatemala. With photography from the “Marrying Mayan & Western Medicine” service trip which is taking applications for this year's trip!!! We really hope to support the holistic health work being done within these indigenous circles of women by "exposing" (please excuse the photo pun) the haunting beauty of Guatemala. As a Third Culture Kid and global nomad, I believe images (even those with words in them) can transcend language and spark dialogues for sustainable change. We feel so blessed that we want to give back. A percentage of art sales in from this series will go to the Arts in Healthcare program as well as donated to help the Highland Support Project/ AMA’s inspiring mission.

I'm not sure if these shows would have happened if I had not done my 365 project two years ago. I'm excited to see where two more years will take me.

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