Katerina AKA Plateresca in Madrid, Spain is creating ArtFoodWine365...

Why did you decide to do this project? The funny thing is, I decided to get into a large and time-consuming project because I was overworked. I knew that such a project would make me find that ever-eluding time to spend with my art and writing, and when my husband gave me 365: A Daily Creativity Journal as a Christmas present, I plunged into it that very evening, and by New Year we had my website up and ready for the first 'real' post and the first prompt!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I have only been doing the project for less than two months now and I hope that you ask me again in a year and I can boast some significant career changes owing to this project... But right now I can tell you that it is true that if you can stick to one habit, it makes it easier to go on with all the others. I was trying to draw daily last year, but missed several days almost every month. Since I've started my ArtFoodWine project, I haven't missed a day of drawing, though my blog doesn't always require me to draw something for it!

I do hope to find new friends via this project.

I think that daily blogging teaches us humbleness, too, because you have to share something even if you don't really think it's great, and it's not a bad side effect.

And I just like doing it, I feel more whole when it is my daily task to create and share something. Starting this blog was like coming back home for me!

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