Stuffed Animal A Day

Rebecca Jackson has quite the creative family! She sent me the following note, "Inspired by his brother Den’s Lego a Day and my Robot a Day, my 11-year-old Rylan has now been working on a 365 project. He has a myriad of stuffed animals that he writes lengthy stories about (one such story is 51 pages long)—they all have names and personalities. So he’s featuring something to do with his stuffed animals each day." So without further ado, here's Rylan's project...

Rylan Jackson of Baldwin City, Kansas is creating a project called Stuffed Animal A Day!

Why did you decide to do this project? I decided to do this because I had great ideas and my brother and mother were doing it so I decided to do it. I also have over 80 stuffed animals so I have plenty of things I can do.

How has doing the project affected your life? It has affected my life by me doing it. Every day I do my blog in the morning so I can be done with it and I don’t forgot to do it. I do it right when I get up and that is why it affects my life. It makes me feel like I just can’t stop and I have to do it right away. And it’s fun to make something with them every day like them getting stuck or them just being funny.

Follow Rylan's progress HERE.

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