365 Days of Art

Martin AKA Jig5aw in London, UK created 365 Days of Art

Why did you decide to do this project? Art and photography have always been two of my main interests, but with a growing family and ever challenging work commitments I found myself spending less and less time on these activities which I love. The decision to start a 365 days or art project with a new piece of art produced each day was potentially a drunken one, but now that I am 316 days into the project it was one of my better decisions whilst under the influence of alcohol. 


How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? The regularity of producing a new idea each day has forced me into testing really how much I love art and the processes that come with it and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Some family holidays, serious hangovers, technology issues two young children and unplanned work scenarios have all tested me to the limit, but somewhat surprisingly I have managed to stick to it. I wouldn’t say the project has affected my life other than through the generation of 316 days worth of materials and clutter in our home, but it feels like it has enhanced it. I have built up a pretty impressive ability to survive on a limited amount of sleep, but as the days have passed I have learnt to be more focused and efficient in my art creation so the hours I spend in bed are increasing when the kids allow it!

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