365 Jours en Mind Maps

Magalie in Versailles, France is creating 365 jours en mind maps. She explains, "I decided to create 365 mind maps to talk about the 'little things' which happened to me every day and to highlight the positivity of my life. It helps me to be grateful of what I have."...

Why did I decide to do this project? The idea of a project 365 was given to me by the magazine Flow and I’ve never heard about this before. It was at the beginning of 2015 and, at this time, I knew I couldn’t keep up a project like this. But I was really tempted… I spent a lot of time the last two years for work and, beyond becoming a very stressed person, I was frustrated to put aside my creativity.

I started this project in September, one week after beginning a new job. New start, new goals. Why mind maps? I’m an academic librarian in Paris and I discover mind mapping last year when I was preparing a training about active learning for PhD students. This way of thinking is amazing and I found it perfect for a daily project!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected my life? I wrote two assessments (the first after one month, the second after one hundred days) to show how this project leaves a mark on my life. I find myself at the same time more rigorous and less stressed.

But the biggest change is that I’m a lot more positive, mind mapping acting on me as a way of meditation every day. It allows me to put things into perspective and, at the end, I always prefer to write something positive down. Even when the times are frightening as there were in November in Paris. And I love mind mapping so much that I asked for a training about “visual mapping techniques” for Christmas!

See all of Magalie's mind maps HERE

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