Elaine's Flower A Day

Elaine Greywalker is in the midst of her 4th 365 project(!), this time it's A Flower A Day...

Why did you decide to do this project? I started the first project because I like making something every day whether I want to or not. Having a daily mini-creative project gives me a sense of accomplishment and keeps the creative source open."

I did the "Morning Pages" for years before I did my first Make Something 365 project: "Archives", which was an attempt to cull the morning pages. It was a failure. Probably because it wasn't about making something. Then I started "Skies" which was successful. I only missed 30 days.

Flower a Day is the best so far: the most fun and freeing. Having a concrete object makes it easy to create. I tried making "Spirit Boats" but that was too broad.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It's about being in the now and seeing possibilities. I find a lot of similarities between making art/being creative and meditating or being present. Art/creativity transforms by opening up childhood wonder and appreciation of what is. So, it is about being fully me. A daily project keeps me in touch with the my source.

I come to this with a lot of training and experience in art, a lot of practice with hand-eye coordination (which is about being present and noticing), years of making abstract expressionistic works (which is about how I feel and relate to color, shape, and gesture). And also many years as a graphic designer. I want to unlearn a lot of formalized training and dig deeper in to what resonates with me. The daily project makes that happen.

During the "Skies" project I generated some really cool art. The "Flower" project looks to be going the same way. I'm happy and thrilled to be embarking on another year of discovery.

See all of Elaine's flowers HERE. And read more about her 365 projects HERE.

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Elaine Greywalker said...

oh man! I missed this entirely. thanks for sharing my work and thanks for your book and very cool idea.