365 Things in 365 Days

Laura Mendes & John Loerchner in Toronto, Canada are doing 365 Things in 365 Days...

Why did you decide to do this project? This year we’ve decided to throw the annoying “new year’s resolutions” to the wind. Instead, we’ve committed ourselves to fill each day with a little wonder, excitement and inspiration, simply by doing more of the things that make us happy (and thus, more connected to the world around us).

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? This project continues to affect our daily lives,  bringing us closer together a couple, and to our family, friends and readers who have been following us and supporting us through the process. These are 365 things we’ve always wanted to do but have never done before – like bake a pie from scratch, bungee jump, build a robot, fly a box-kite, churn butter, learn to knit, canoe down river rapids, climb a mountain in Tibet, and kiss upside down like Spiderman – to name a few). We've had quite the year so far!

See all of the things Laura & John are doing HERE.

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