Art on My iPhone Follow-Up

Keltie Borden completed her 366 day Art on My iPhone project on September 29th...

What are the biggest lessons/skills you learned from doing your project? Time management.  I had to work out the best way to fit this project into my day.  At first I wrote up entries ahead of time and had them scheduled to upload automatically.  I switched from this when I found that often I'd come up with something and want to post it on the same day only to have to wait a week or so to have it upload.  I wanted the flexibility of changing my mind without having to shift around a bunch of entries so I kept a lot of finished pieces on hand and wrote up the entry in the evening after my daughter went to bed.

I learned that I do have the discipline to stick to a 365 project which meant a lot to me.  My previous unfinished 365 project weighed on me so this one was important.

In what ways did the project change your life? Photography!  I intended to make this more of a drawing/sketching project but found after a bit that I was enjoying the iPhone camera more than anything.  I had never attempted photography before this and within a couple of months it was all I wanted to do!  I've had a blast trying out various photography and post-processing apps and have been very pleased with what I've come up with within the limitations of the iPhone 4 camera.

Since it seems that I have a fondness and maybe even a little skill for taking photographs I plan to get a 'real' grownup camera and see what I can do.  I've always wanted to take up birdwatching so that I can take my own bird photos.  I really, really like birds.

Now what?  Now I'm planning my next 365 project (which I won't be announcing just yet.)  However, Art On My iPhone is going to undergo a transformation into Life On My iPhone.  We are moving to another city and I want to keep a photoblog to keep family and friends at home up to date on our lives and happenings.  I enjoy iPhone photography so much that I want to keep it up and this seems like a perfect fusion. It won't be a 365 project or update on a daily schedule but it should be a pretty regular thing.  I'm also in the midst of writing a serial online novel so juggling those plus my new 365 project will be exciting!

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