Eliza's 365 Illustration Project

Eliza Mária S in Jászberény, Hungary is doing a 365 Illustration Project 

Why did you decide to do this project? Being a student of an art school, I wanted to find a way to practice. I also wanted to train my brain for being creative all the time.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Besides gaining the original goals, I also learned a few other things. Being an extraordinarily messy person, 365 Illustration Project taught me to be more organized. And since I am also very lazy and I procrastinate a lot... I could say I learned that everything has its consequences. Skip one day, and you'll be obligated to do double the next day. Skip one more and you'll be doing three drawings a day.

But what really surprised me is how my project affected the people around me. Many times when someone said something witty or something extraordinary happened, they said: “I bet that's gonna become a daily drawing too, right?” In fact they sort of started to compete to be featured in those drawings, which I think is kinda cool :)

See Eliza's Illustrations HERE.

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