Adjusting Your Focus

Carol Blake Sessums in Terry, Mississippi is doing a daily photography project she calls Adjusting Your Focus...  

Why did you decide to do this project? I’ve been a photographer from the age of 12.  I love taking photos and hiding behind the camera.  I prefer candid shots of people, animals, nature and our travels.  However, I’ve never done anything with it until recently (started photography blog Dec 2011).  Honestly, I was working on another project and put that one down (out of fear), and picked this one up.  I was looking for another route to express myself; a different creative outlet. 

I also started the photo blog as a way to teach myself follow-through.  I have a bad habit of stopping half way through something or even close to the beginning.  So far, so good.  333 posts, and then some, so far, for 2012.  I’ve actually posted every day of the year, thus far.  I guess ya can teach an old dog new tricks, huh? 

Is it a fresh picture every day?  Well, no.  I do get out there and take pictures frequently, but many of my shots are from days, weeks, months, even years passed, which is fine with me, since the original idea was to post a photo every day, not necessarily take a photo every day.  Besides, some of the photos I take are while driving (and may I take this opp to say “sorry” to all you drivers near me at the time), and/or the photos I take are blurry at times (hence, the driving thing), and I’m not posting those, for sure.  One particular day, I was sick (which almost NEVER happens), I felt like poo, I was exhausted, my computer was NOT cooperating, so I posted via my phone, but hey, whatever works.  The point is, I got it done.  Right?

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Most days, it has been a true joy for me to post daily on my blog.  I have met many cool people as a result, who have become good friends; some I even consider family.  There are soooo many kind, intelligent, talented, humorous, creative, fascinating, colorful people out there in the world, and seeing as I am somewhat of a shy person (although many of my friends would disagree), it’s one of the best ways to get to know people, as well as easier on myself ‘to be myself’ through a computer screen, rather than face-to-face.

Other days, honestly, it can be an outright chore to take or find a photo and post it, especially with many other projects going on, chasing after a 13 year old with many projects of her own, working a full time job, and the list goes on.  However, on those fast-paced days, I just suck it up, and do it anyway.  It is nice to feel that sense of satisfaction of actually getting it done, whether I wanted to, or not - a real sense of accomplishment.  If I can seriously do this every single day for an entire year, what else can I do?  Maybe I can be a success?!  Oh wait...  I guess I already am.

See all of Carol's photos HERE.


mim said...

I like the part about "suck it up and do it anyway!" That's the beauty of the commitment to a daily practice.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing! I really enjoyed browsing through all your entries to get an idea of what my first 365 days project should be about :)) Thanks for the inspiration!

PS: If you are curious of what ideas I have so far, I would love any opinions. My site is CleaningJunkie.

Noah said...

CleaningJunkie please send the details to me so I can share about it on the site! Info is HERE.