365 Crystals

Kelly St. Claire in Richmond, Virginia is documenting 365 Crystals. She explains, "My project is a study in crystals. I am exploring all aspects of the mineral kingdom, from their vibrant colors, to healing lore, and magickal properties. Each day I will either post detailed information, a story, a poem (all accompanied by lovely images.)"

Why did you decide to do this project? I am a lifelong crystal enthusiast as well as a certified crystal healer. I use crystals daily to help myself as well as others. I am so hungry to learn as much as I can about each stone I decide to work with. I was running into the same information out there and was really interested in getting to know their properties and gifts personally, and develop a unique relationship with meanings revealed to me in creative ways rather than just from books. I also wanted to have a project that would stretch me in ways that will help me not only jumpstart my creativity, but to add to my knowledge about each crystal. In other words, I LOVE crystals and am passionate about them. I want to spread the love through my project!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?  I have done one before which was about the tarot and haiku. It was 365 Days of Tarot and Verse. Each day i would generate a photo and a haiku about a Tarot card, it was awesome to be able to follow my life by reading my haiku and the cards chosen, and to push through on those days when I did not feel like writing. It was an invaluable lesson for me. This time I am pacing myself a bit more, not expecting brilliance every day, it is teaching me to temper myself and to not be such a perfectionist (which is huge for me.)  In my last project I learned that even when I feel uninspired, if I push through and do it anyway, when I look back on it, magic has occurred, the entry has more depth and meaning than I thought and my creative muscles were loosened up through regular use!

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