365 Days of Pugs Follow-Up

Isabelle spent all of 2013 making 365 Pugs...

What are the biggest lessons/skills you learned from doing your project? A new skill, though I would say "skill" is a bit of a stretch, is digital drawing. Since I can't draw, (looking back at some of the early pugs, I would say that they've gotten a tiny bit better) it's great to have the digital undo button.  As for lessons learned, there are a few: I have the perseverance to do a project a day, the creativity to adhere to most of the assignments and still make them pug-related, and to have fun and not take it too seriously. Oh, and how to get a pug to do just about anything.

In what ways did the project change your life? It gave me an outlet for a long-untapped creative side. Blogging the project also opened up a whole world of creative and interesting who I wouldn't of found otherwise and built a global network of pug-lovers.

Now what? I will definitely keep doing some sort of project routinely.  Right now, I'm thinking it will be a primarily photo based weekly project, still focusing on but not solely related to pugs.  Since it will be more photography based, I plan on learning more about digital photo editing. 

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