Down The Rabbit Hole

Megan Carrell in Muncie, Indiana is going Down the Rabbit Hole...

She explains, "My starting inspiration is Alice in Wonderland. It's a subject that is easy for me to elaborate on and obsess over, for sure! However, I wanted to make this project flexible instead of stressful, so the subject is welcome to interpretation and deviation. I use both 2-D and 3-D mediums; all of them are then posted on the photo site Flickr."

Why did you decide to do this project? Well, you would think being a full-time graphic design student is enough art for one person. Apparently not.  After getting 365: A Daily Creativity Journal for Christmas a few years ago, I was inspired to try a year-long project. This is actually my third official project attempt (and my eighth unofficial one), but I'm hoping that with more experience and more publicity I'll be able to stick to it this time around!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I'm definitely still figuring out how to balance my time and priorities. This project is teaching me how to better my time management and, much more importantly, how to better myself as an artist. I've also learned a lot about myself. One of my biggest discoveries is that I LOVE to play with my food! Also, my non-dominant hand is surprisingly ambidextrous.

See all of Megan's creations HERE.

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