Anna Hermanson in Kingsley, Iowa is using the prompts in my book to create 365 TARDIS...

Why did you decide to do this project? Art & creativity are a large part of my life and I've been in a serious slump for a long time. My job is stressful & I needed something to kick myself in the arse and get creating again.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Well, it's confirmed to my friends, coworkers & at least one family member that I am truly a Doctor Who Geek (and proud of it!). But to myself, it's given me a new outlook on things. I have something to look forward to & I sneak peeks ahead in the book to see what's coming up so I can start planning ahead. Some of them are quite challenging with my theme.

Why the TARDIS? Yeah. A third question. I figured you'd have that in mind. Like I said, I'm a serious Doctor Who Geed, and the TARDIS is a relatively easy thing to draw, make, etc. Plus...it won my polls online and verbally, beating out snail, rabbit, apple, light bulb and alligator. I must have a lot of geek friends.

See all of Anna's Tardis's HERE.

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