365 Days of Creative Canning Follow-up

On Monday 20th May, 2013 Megan Forsyth in Perth, Western Australia completed her 365 Days of Creative Canning!

What are the biggest lessons/skills you learned from doing your project? I expanded my knowledge of preserving recipes, using many new fruits and vegetables and preserving in a variety of ways - learning how to use all of the fruit. Canning is all about following what is in season for your region, growing your own fruits and vegetables or getting to know your local orchards and farmers markets. My biggest lesson was building a relationship with local orchards/growers, and meeting people all over Perth in the process. I have met so many wonderful people, of all different ages and backgrounds. Food preservation is a science, so my goals were simple: GROW SAFE, PREPARE SAFE, PRESERVE SAFE and STORE SAFE. Preserving is a skill that I can teach to my daughters to pass on to the next generation to live strong, self-sufficient and independent lives.

In what ways did the project change your life? My life has changed in so many ways! It was very busy - between my family, working and life in general - however I found it quite therapeutic having time to myself in the kitchen each day, creating something that I can then trade with or pass on to family and friends as gifts. I also started up Perth Jams & Preserves Classes, community cooking classes that I teach once a month, as well as private lessons. I quickly filled my notebook with my recipes, tricks and twists on flavours and ingredients. My family have enjoyed homegrown (or locally sourced) fresh produce all year long, preservative-free and artificial-ingredient-free.

Now what? Now I have time to write up the rest of my recipes to add to my website www.365daysofcreativecanning.com, and I am starting to put my recipes together to write a cookbook, as well as a few other community (teaching) opportunities in conjunction with my monthly community classes. I am still preserving and creating though!

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Ilma said...

Gosh, I envy you being so organised to cook every single day!
I've just discovered the idea. Unfortunately, I can't afford getting the book (shipping costs to my country are insane), but I would like to start the challenge. I have to think over which activity should I pick. Any advice?

Noah said...

Hey Ilma, FYI book is available in digital form if that helps! You can get the ebook from Amazon.com.