The Motorhome Chronicles

Richard Radstone, who created the fantastic Project 365 and the new Operation 365 has another great project in the works and he needs your help to make it a reality: The Motorhome Chronicles...

After 2 years of interviewing 100s of absolute strangers, Richard Radstone’s Operation-365 sets sight on video interviewing the people of America for 100 consecutive days: “The Motorhome Chronicles,” a daily blogumentary dedicated to knowing our neighbors.
“I’ve spoken with 1000s of absolute strangers, interviewed and photographed 100s more... a great consensus is forming, one that can awaken the many to a desire to unite on common ground. Our path is open and our course is undefined, yet one thing is certain... we are all not that different at the core.
“Rich, poor, healthy, ill, old, young, man, woman, Jew, Gentile, white, yellow or black it matters not; we are all of the same blood and have something magnificent to share–”
A premise Radstone has proven through the countless words and intimate photographs he has published through It is through these loosely written and heartfelt blog entries that the beginnings of a united community is forming. Writings (grammatically flawed at times) that manage to communicate an awareness of one another.
“It’s time for us to lengthen our stride,” Radstone quotes, “and in a way we are all friends with so many common needs. The more we know of each other the more we can accomplish together,” a statement that directly relates to the reasoning behind Operation-365 and its proposed “The Motorhome Chronicles”. “I’ve funded this outreach on my own thus far, but it has grown to be greater than myself... and with only weeks to raise funds for The Motorhome Chronicles, I guess it’s time to humble up a bit. Time to reach beyond my own resources by asking for Kickstarter and community support.” Richard concludes with his signature sign off, “We were once “Strangers...” now we are “Friends.”
About Operation-365 24/7 – 365 days a year, Operation-365 is an interactive, growing and forward thinking community… a living, breathing society of people of all beliefs, circumstances and mindsets. Our culture is optimistic and inclusive, and our doors are open to all who embrace the embodiment of our mission: “To champion the individual voice, while building bridges towards a greater understanding of our neighbors.”
Want to help make The Motorhome Chronicles a reality? Get the details HERE

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