Daily Type Grind

Denton Pretorius in Cape Town, South Africa created Daily Type Grind, a 26 day challenge to improve his creativity and type design skills...

Why did you decide to do this project?  The decision to start the Daily Type Grind was entirely spontaneous, and perhaps a practise run for the 2015 ’36Days of Type’ Instagram event. Every day I produced an upper-case letter of the latin alphabet consecutively for 26 days exploring form, technique and art direction, whilst simultaneously improving speed and my own processes.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Completing this project was a huge achievement for me. It required intense discipline to not make excuses and to schedule time aside from client work and socialising. I also started to recognise creative patterns of a system that would work best, that I could now bring into new projects. The feeling of momentum was what kept me going towards the final more difficult days and when the end goal started to visually present itself, it felt rewarding. I have definitely improved my knowledge on type form and the endless possibilities of type design, as well as now having a handful of potential designs to explore and refine into useable typefaces.
See all of Denton's letters HERE

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I really like this work !