365 Day Hebrew Art Project

Kaori in Israel is creating art on an index card based on a Hebrew word or phrase every day for a year in the 365 Day Hebrew Art Project...

Why did you decide to do this project? I love 365 day projects (this is personally my third one) and since I moved to Israel last year, I wanted to do something with Hebrew.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It certainly makes me think about ideas constantly. Some days I have a clear idea of what I want to create and some days I have no idea… (and then I have some days when the last thing I want to do is create an index card, of course :) ) but I always put something on the page. I love that. Aside from the creativity part, this project forces me to remember a Hebrew word every day (even if I forget it the next day!) and I really need this… the language is difficult and I have been such a bad learner!

See all of Kaori's Hebrew art HERE.

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