Through Faerie's Eye

Liz Jacobs in Manassas, VA is doing a project called Through Faerie's Eyes.

She explains, "Everything I create has been or will be based on the concept of art and the world as seen through the eyes of the fae.  My plan is to do something creative every single day.  But because a lot of what I do is very time-consuming, meticulous work, rather than making something from start to finish every day, I will create 365 unique items. Some may take several days to complete, based on the medium I am working with, and others may take minutes; allowing me to do more than one per day.  I'm still going to do this for a whole year, because the challenge of committing to something and sticking to it for that long is very important to me."

Why did you decide to do this project? A friend of mine began posting her art on Facebook and explained that she had begun her yearlong project as a result of the book she read.  (Your book)  When I saw her daily posts, I was inspired to order the book and find out more.  I love to create, but rarely make the time; putting it off in favor of things I "have to" do instead.  When I finished reading your book, I realized it wouldn't be as difficult or time consuming as I had worried it would be.  The fact that your words gave me permission to create a schedule and project based on my rules and not someone else's was what really convinced me.  I started that very day.  It was time to start incorporating art into my daily life as a way to nurture my own spirit.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I've only been doing it for a week, but I've already felt a difference in my outlook.  More and more, I am putting my art in the "have to" column and that just makes me shine with ever fiber of my being.  I haven't been able to create every single day because there were just some things I can't put aside.  But in just one week, I created more art than I had previously taken months to get around to.  I am hooked!

See what the faeries see HERE.

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