365 Days of Craft Follow-Up

Bronwyn Bowerman at 365 Days of Craft got in touch to give us an update on her project which just passed it's mid-point and she sent along these handy monthly calendar overviews...

She says, "Myself and the blog even ventured to the USA (and seriously stretched my craft ability to its limits when I had to pre-make over 3 weeks worth of craft to cover the days I was in the states AND I TOOK ALL THE PIECES WITH ME!!! check out my "American" dolls range where I handmade "Obama", "Ellen", "Dr Phil" and of course "Oprah" herself"

She also explains, "This month I have started a new feature of the blog called "GUEST BLOGGER MONDAYS" for the last four weeks I have featured somebody else's craft or art project on the Monday nights. I would like to do a shout out for more people to share their projects, to hopefully continue guest blogger monday for the rest of the year." So if you would like to be featured on her blog, definitely get in touch with her!

See all of Bronwyn's day's of craft HERE.

And see her original 365 interview HERE.

Expect to see another follow-up when her project is finished!


Krystal said...

I love the calendars! Bronwyn, if you are reading, what program did you use to create them?

LissC said...

that is a very cool calendar. I'm impressed that she made actual kits to do while she was traveling. I know I couldn't commit to making something ever single day. Love to create, just so many things come up that it just amazes me that anyone can actually pull it off. Very challenging. Must feel like such an accomplishment come dec 31st

365 days of craft said...

Thanks Krystal! The day by day calendars were put together in Adobe Illustrator.
As for the travelling I made all the items before I left and took them with me on the trip uploading pics daily. It was chaos before I left with many late nights behind the sewing machine!! Its been a great journey... but bring on NYE!!! which will complete my 365 venture. Bronwyn