365 Days for You

Tyler Ryan Carroll in Florida is doing 365 Days for You. He explains, "Each of my days I make a gift for someone the gifts so far range very different from writing there name on my leg to making them a physical gift to sending a video card. My project is open to anyone really although currently filled only with friends and family. What I mean by open is like who ever wants to be apart of it can tell me and they are than incorporated hopefully on the day of there choosing unless the day is already taken."...

Why did you decide to do this project? I had actually decided to take on many personal projects like goals that I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year and then from inspiration on this site I wanted to incorporate my friends it was a matter of time that I finally just decided to devote my project to giving to my friends and even strangers.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? So far it has done a great number on my schedule my sleep schedule was off much more so than it now is. The first three days also taught me the importance of just doing it and not letting things fall behind or to the way side.

See all of Tyler's days HERE.


Unknown said...

Wow!I think this is the most unusual project I've ever known, but assuming that I am one of his friends then it would be very memorable. People do things in their own unique way. I do believe that to live your life to the fullest, then you must do what you think would make you cherish each moment of it.

Tyler Ryan Carroll said...

Hey Jeff if you want you can grab one of the days as I said it is open to everyone! And thanks for the complement 'MOST UNUSUAL PROJECT I'VE EVER KNOWN' I think I'm gonna use that as a quote now lol