Snow Globe 365 follow-up

I'm checking back in with  folks who have recently completed their 365 projects...

Amy Whitehurst finished her Snow Globe 365 project on 14, 2011...

What are the biggest lessons/skills you learned from doing your project? The biggest lesson I have learned from a daily project is that I am an artist with newfound confidence.  Picking up my camera each day, not only helped hone my technical skills, it pushed me to learn new things, like painting with light, using an external flash, a soft box, new lenses, double/triple exposures and image overlays.  As my confidence grew towards the middle of the year, I began stopping in stores, getting on floors and shooting mannequins with snow globes and asking strangers to take part.

In what ways did the project change your life? I now acknowledge myself as a photographer, and am grateful for the support from fellow 365 artists and friends that encouraged me to keep going, while sharing the journey with me.  For the first time I won contests, sold my work, continued to exhibit, was featured on CNN's Travel Shots and published twice in a local magazine. I have started freelancing and am now taking professional business head shots.

Now what? I need to keep going, so the first of the year I'm starting a new project where I will be teaching myself Photoshop and sharing what I learned so others may share the lesson daily, if they wish.  I'm hoping through learning this software tool, I can take my images to another creative level.

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Misha said...

Amy, your project has been a delight and an inspiration!


Heather Addley said...

You are an amazing woman, Amy! I've enjoyed your project so much, and look forward to the next one.