Mother & Daughter 365 Project

Mother Heidi Cogdill and daughter Bree Cogdill (13 yrs old) in Gilbert, Arizona are creating side-by-side daily projects: Caputre the Pose (Heidi) & A Girls Sketchbook  (Bree)

Why did you decide to do this project? My daughter and I wanted to do a 365 project after reading your book. Since we're both lovers of art and fashion we decided to each create a daily sketch, using any medium we wanted, and to share on our separate blogs. We chose not to share our daily projects with each other so that we could be surprised when we visited each others sites.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? My goal was to master watercolor since it's something I've always loved but struggled with. I figured a daily practice would force me to work through my frustrations. I've grown in my confidence and my ability in the short time I've been doing it. For my daughter she wanted a project that would force her to break outside her comfort zone and to try out new mediums. Her dream is to be an artist but her interests change a lot, so she hoped this would allow her to the time to figure out where she wanted to focus her talents.

The best part has been seeing my daughter grow. I love to visit her site each morning...I'm surprised over and over again my her imagination and how freely she creates. She inspires me to be better and to go after my dreams. I can't imagine doing this project without her.

See all of Heidi's projects HERE and Bree's projects HERE.

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