Operation 365 Needs Your Help!

The creator of one of my favorite 365 projects has returned with a great new yearlong interview project and he needs your help to make it a reality....

Announcing The Rebirth Of A Daily Blog

You may have been with Radstone when he undertook his daily blog in 2011: The birthplace of his mission to build a global community and the whole reason the resulting Operation-365 exists, a project that he has promised to not stray away from. It is in that spirit we are invited to join together in his second one-year outreach: O-365, a stranger meeting blogumentary.

For 365 consecutive days (beginning in February), Richard will be roaming the streets again, this time video interviewing absolute strangers, and just as he did during the Radstone blog (now archived as “Project-365″), he will every day post an episode of the experience and what the strangers he meets have to say.

It’s an ambitious undertaking, putting a strain not only on his family time, but also on his pocketbook. So he has decided to post an Indiegogo crowdsource in taking a little edge of the start up costs. From the date of this posting, we have 10 horus left to help him raise his campaign goal of $2,400. He has already raised $1,000, and if he exceeds his goal, will use the additional funding to further promote and grow the ongoing mission of Operation-365.

I’m reaching out to you, my Operation-365 friends in asking for a little Ambassadorship. There are several ways you can build our community and take part in starting O-365. First by simply seeing and being good to the world around you; Secondly, follow, subscribe to, comment on, contributing to, and refer all you can to Operation-365.org (the higher our traffic the better our viral ranking and the farther our reach); and thirdly, through referring and supporting O-365 blogumentary at Indiegogo. It’s not just about dollars… the more clicks we receive the higher the Indiegogo exposure, but please pledge if you can.

Thanks for who you are and all that you do. I look forward to doing my part in reaching out to provide you fresh content and stories for your consideration.

Wishing you the greatest of life’s blessings.

Talk soon my friends

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