Another Day Another Dollar Follow-Up

I've decided to periodically check back in with some folks who have completed their 365 projects...

Peter Oakley (AKA Oscar Fox) in Melbourne, Australia spent a year documenting dollar coins as he accumulated them one a day from October 31, 2010 through October 30, 2011. Then on the last day he donated all 365 dollars to a local animal shelter!

What are the biggest lessons/skills you learned from doing your project? Perseverance and Photoshop, there were times when I thought; I don't have to do this, its all just a bit of fun. but I'm so glad I kept going. And boy can I now use Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, I've learnt even just a small adjustment to an image can make a big difference.

Day 2, with the coins over my eyes reminds me of my early eagerness but I also like its relative simplicity in execution.

In what ways did the project change your life? Life changing is too big a statement, The look on peoples faces and the "good on you" that I got from so many people when I told them what I was doing was a great feeling, I have gained a new respect for myself in as much as I now know I can stick to something and see it through.

    Day 254 just worked for me, I usually take many photos for a given image and select just one. this was the first shot and that was it.
Now what? What indeed, I really want to do something like this again, I am already feeling like something is missing. I am currently putting a photo book of the site together but that will probably only ever go into a print run of one for myself. also I have made a few enlarged and framed prints of my four skulls image for gifts.

    Photoshop became my friend of the year and a bit of manipulation was obvious, day 243 was interesting but a bit bland, a small amount of color adjustment and tight cropping and it was ready to publish.

Read Oscar's original 365 interview HERE.

    On day 363 I used a photograph that I originally took for day 154 but never used. I always liked it so it finally got an airing.   
And see all of his dollars HERE.

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