Minimal Comics

Graeme McNee in Kobe, Japan is making Minimal Comics daily, which he describes as "A three panel minimal comic every day, drawn with a cheap pen on paper stolen from work."...

Why did you decide to do this project? I wanted to capture little moments and ideas of daily life and present them in the most minimal and simple way possible. People might not realise at first, but the comics are all inspired by an event that happened on that day. Sometimes I draw something I saw, sometimes it's a commentary on a concept, sometimes I just capture the ideas in my head. When I look back at each comic I can remember at least some of the events of that day.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I have started to take more notice of the world around me, because I am now looking for moments to capture each day. I have also started to simplify my drawing. Before my drawings were sometimes overly detailed, now I'm trying to draw with the least amount of lines possible. I've also started a new morning routine: wake up, have breakfast and think about the content for the comic, then draw it and post it. I used to hate getting up early but now I find myself waking up before my alarm eager to make the next comic! Posting on tumblr and google+ has expanded my creative network too, and through people linking to me I've found all kinds of interesting new projects and art, including your site!

See all of Graeme's comics HERE.

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