Forest & Kerosene

Forest in Los Angeles and Kerosene in Montreal, Quebec are collaborating on the logically titled daily photo project forest & kerosene which they describe as, "Two childhood friends, thousands of miles apart, sharing their worlds with daily snapshots."...

Why did you decide to do this project? 

forest: I was reunited with a childhood friend via the internet, she proposed doing the project.  I thought sharing daily snap shots would be a fun and creative way to get acquainted again.  We get a peak into the 'world' the other is living in.

kerosene: We were friends in grade school, so to connect as adults seemed exciting to me, but I'm curious about the mundane. Living on different coasts, both being busy with contracts, family and life, the idea to compare daily snapshots on a blog seemed like an easy and interesting way to share. As they say: if you want something done ask a busy person.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?

forest: I have had mixed feelings about the project.  Daily postings can be trying.  I don't take things lightly (especially creative things) and probably put way too much time and thought into my photos and comments.  So at times it feels like work.  It's also a challenge when your schedule changes or you're in a completely different time zone.  However, I have really enjoyed seeing how every once in a while, we seem to be on the same wavelength with our subject matter.  A connection on a different level. 

kerosene: A year long project has been a challenge with a lull after the first few months, but it's a really great feeling getting close to the end. And doing something daily has forced me to loosen up both in subject and execution. I had hoped doing this would help us get in touch with our individual creative likes and perhaps that will happen upon reflection of the year's work. Instead the project has taught me a lot about my friend: how easy it is to work with her, to create with her, and her great sense of humour. Checking the blog for her photo is so much fun! And it's inspired my other friends to do more mundane daily tasks, like flossing teeth.

See all of their photos HERE.


LissC said...

i love this idea! it's so hard to keep in touch because time goes by so quickly. I think how easy a photo would be, even if you did it weekly. just a snap shot. I love it! I want to implement it!

Noah said...

I hope you do give it a try LissC. And you'll definitely have to share the results if/when you do!