Hidden Missives

Jay King, aka TheoJunior, aka KwasiRa in Little Rock, Arkansas has been creating Hidden Missives, aka Tiny Golems for five years! He explains, "I post a remixed polymer clay sculpture every day.  They are almost always faces. Each one is pressed partially into several molds of toys, stones and almost anything that can impart a texture."

Why did you decide to do this project? It began as a writing experiment with visual aids and gradually morphed into an art project with words.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It may not qualify as such since I'll miss days here and there. When I do, I try to make up for it by doubling up on subsequent days. I've posted 1720 so far in five years, so it's actually been a 5 year project so far.  I do more every year, so I have no plans to slow down, only speed up.

How has it affected my life? It's brought me into contact with many talented artists, mostly through Flickr and deviantART, who have encouraged and inspired me. It's given me something creative to do at the close of every day, sort of an artistic nightcap.  And it's provided me with one freaky as hell family.

See all of Jay's hidden missives HERE.

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