Bridget's Drawing A Day & Paperdoll A Day

Bridget McAlonan in Topsham, Maine did a Drawing a Day 2011 and  Paperdoll a Day 2012....

She explains, "For the month of March I'll be doing a Feminist Paper Doll A Day. Who inspires you? I welcome your suggestions of feminists who are striving to undo oppression currently or in the past.

I had intended to make a paper doll per day (or more) through the month of January. I have a problem with becoming obsessed with things and I do believe that the paper doll issue is the latest personal obsession."

Why did you decide to do these projects? For Drawing a Day 2011, I began this project out of frustration with myself. I was stuck. So on a whim on January 1, 2011 I made a resolution (which I never make): I'd do at least one drawing per day. I gave myself rules: I had 30 minutes or less to complete the drawing. Once that 30 minute mark was hit the drawing was done. In addition, to keep myself honest, I would post the drawings on my Facebook page, Inventing Trees within a couple of days of creation (if not that day). The drawing did not have to be good...I just had to do it. I did not create perimeters around media.

For Paperdoll A Day 2012, I was very interested in paperdolls and decided "what the hell."  I am currently still doing the Drawing a Day project but on a private basis.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? The result is that I have created a daily habit. I feel weird now if I haven't done a drawing. My family also has accepted that this is part of my routine. I have done the drawings while travelling, regardless of sickness and despite overwhelming other demands on my time. I have created at least one drawing everyday over the course of the year.  The spin out of these projects is an increased ability to focus and think outside the box.  My graphic skills have increased as well.

Read more about Bridget's drawings HERE and paperdolls HERE.

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