Drake Designs 365

Samantha in West Hartford, CT is using my book to inspire her 365 day creativity project...

Why I decided to do this year long project? I needed something to get my art moving, a direction, a purpose. Although extremely creative, getting started can be a challenge for me.When I came across the book at 'Paper Source' in Boston I felt that it could be a great start. I thought by the end of a year I would have a better idea of where to take my art and have fun in the process.

The project of the day directs what medium to work in. Photography and paper cutting are the two that I like the most.

How has the daily project changed my life? The way my life has changed is really amazing. As a result of posting the project everyday, to my blog and Facebook, I have a confidence in my talent and art that I never had before. I am discovering ways to be creative that I never gave myself permission to do before, as in fun ways! My life long dream has been to support myself by doing art. By starting the journal that dream is quickly becoming real. It also inspired me to finish my BFA. Currently I am applying to the The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

One of my early pieces from the journal was posted on the 'Electra' bike blog on Valentine's day, that was a proud moment for me.

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