Lillith's 365 Days of Creativity

Lillith Foxx in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is doing 365 Days of Creativity. She explains, "I do some sort of art everyday, to try and keep up my momentum of creativity. From writing Short Stories, and Poems, Rants and thoughts, to trying my hand at (amateur) art, to some photoshop. I always try to write with the utmost honesty."...

Why did you decide to do this project?  I was always plagued with two terribly common conditions, procrastination and insomnia. I was a writer who only read, a dreamer who never slept. It was a terribly depressing time for me, and I realized, the only way to change your life is to simply do it. I dove headlong into this challenge, not really knowing what it would entail, but I needed an outlet for my pent up thoughts and opinions, and something that I could show for myself.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? As soon as I started posting I felt care free. I mean, who's going to read a whole bunch of poems or look at second-rate art by some girl from Canada? Freedom of speech was never so realized as on the internet. I started to feel better about myself, whether I have emotional or physical troubles, I still have my art, my blog. Even when I'm depressed or lazy or hungover, I force myself to create something, and then I'm comforted by the fact that I at least finished a creation. And the challenge has inspired me to keep working on my bigger projects. I've finished a screenplay and started a novel since beginning this endeavour.

The best part about the project is when I meet an acquaintance on the street or at university, and they mention a post that I did. I've had people I considered to be near strangers thank me for writing, and that to me is the most astonishing thing. The fact that something I've written, something I created to express myself has helped or affected someone else, that's what really makes me smile every time I click the "New Post" button.

Your eyes are closed
         and tightly
to shut the light
         too bright
you whisper
         reach for my hand
it's rough and cold
         too alien
     for you to hold
         pushed away,
                  I understand
If eyes were closed
my lids like yours
I too would shy
                         away from          ice.

Your dreams stay
Your lips lay
Your skin so
but I, too bold
         shall sit and
       shall stay for
while thoughts so

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