Year of The Tshirt

Brian Shevlin in New York City's Lower East Side has been creating Year of The Tshirt since 2010. 

He explains, "Every Day, I wear a different tshirt, take a picture, and post it online. Many website are about selling cool tshirts, showing off cool design, or products to buy... This site is simply about the love of great tshirts, new, vintage, homemade or available everywhere, curated by one person... As well as sticking to a simple idea, and doing it every single day. We now have different people take the website for 3 months each, and wear a different tshirt every day for their 3 month duration. So that we have a different persons perspective and collection shared every 3 months.

Why did you decide to do this project? It probably started with my love of tshirts, my large collection, and that I just wanted to do something. I wanted to do something that would help promote the art collective that I had just started, called Con Artist. It was a simple idea that I thought would be fun. It's grown and expanded over the past few years to what it is now... which is a pretty big website on tshirts within the tshirt geek circle. It's also been a great catalyst to begin discussions with some awesome and very creative people, as well as a lot of free tshirts.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? A daily project has been much harder than you first image. To do something, everyday, is exhausting. In the end though, you learn so much more about something when you force yourself to do it everyday. As well as the sense of accomplishment when you stick to such a big project. It's made me really pay more attention and planning to any kind of travel, or even how I plan, or where I sleep and what I do each day.

In the end, it's been one of the greatest experiences I have ever had even if it is something as simple as wearing a tshirt every day.

See all of Brian's T-shirts HERE.

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